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Mental Health First Aid Courses

We can provide training options to suit a range of timescales and budgets, from basic mental health awareness sessions to a full Mental Health First Aider qualification.

The courses are all designed to benefit employees, line managers, HR professionals, OH workers, volunteers and senior leaders alike - to support everyone to meet the challenges of the workplace head on. 

We can run courses for groups of people within your organisation, in-house or online, or train individuals on our public courses - whichever suits you best. 

Adult MHFA Two-Day

Our Adult MHFA Two-Day course qualifies you as a Mental Health First Aider. Learning takes place across four manageable sessions. Through a mix of group activities, presentations and discussions, each session is built around a Mental Health First Aid action plan.  

Adult MHFA Champion One-Day

Our one-day mental health awareness and skills course qualifies you as an Adult MHFA Champion.

Learning takes place through a mix of presentations, group discussions and workshop activities.

Group Discussion

Youth MHFA Training

Youth Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses are for everyone who works with, lives with or supports young people aged 8-18.

They will teach you the skills and confidence to spot the signs of mental health issues in a young person, offer first aid and guide them towards the support they need. In doing so, you can speed up a young person’s recovery and stop a mental health issue from getting worse

Adult Mental Health Aware Half-Day

Our half-day course is an introductory four hour session to raise awareness of mental health. Learning takes place through a mix of presentations, group discussions and workshop activities.

Adult MHFA Refresher

Empowering Mental Health First Aiders and MHFA Champions to maintain their skills with regular Refresher training. We recommend that Mental Health First Aiders and MHFA Champions attend a Refresher course every 3 years. Just like physical first aid, updating skills and knowledge allows people to perform this vital role confidently and safely.   

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