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Fully Funded Mental Health Training available 

We're thrilled to announce that we can offer fully funded Mental Health First Aid England certified training thanks to UK Shared Prosperity Funding granted through Wiltshire Council.

This means that anyone working or living in Wiltshire can join face to face or online training as an individual or as an organisation and become Mental Health First Aiders or certified as Mental Health Aware. We're also making a suite of informative downloadable films available that will offer support and information to people supporting others or those experiencing particular Mental Health challenges themselves.

Here's what we said in our Press release.... Tracy Sullivan, CEO of Open Minds Mental Health explains ‘ I am so thrilled we can offer free training and support to people in Wiltshire. I have seen firsthand the impact Mental Health First Aid and Aware Training has on individuals and the people around them and how it’s informed real culture change within organisations to enable people to thrive in their places of work whatever their mental health. I’m also excited to be creating some short information films that people can access at any time to receive support and guidance in particular areas of Mental Health’.

MHFA England certified training focuses on people understanding more about Mental Health, spotting early signs of people becoming less well, identifying and knowing how to respond to signs of crisis, understanding the impact of stigma and most importantly how to keep themselves well. Open Minds will also be offering post training support to organisations that feel that would benefit from some one to one support.

Research suggests that poor mental health is responsible for 72 Million days lost* and costs UK employers £45 billion each year**. Open Minds has focused this investment on helping businesses to prosper whilst supporting their staff to thrive professionally and personally.

For more information on what’s involved in each course you can visit or email to register your interest or to find out more.


*Thriving at work: The Stevenson/Farmer review of mental health and employers 2017

**Deloitte’ Mental health and employers. The case for investment – pandemic and beyond 2022

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